The closing down of Authint Mail


Authint Mail has closed it's services

Whatever starts has to eventually end, the start always is a synonym for the journey towards the end. Some end prematurely, some take time to fade off. Authint Mail began with a silent and unexpected start, and went on a journey we had never thought to travel. Soon that journey ends, with the permanent closing of Authint Mail. From April 1st, 2015, no news updates will be provided on the website, and by may 1st 2015, AM website will be no more functional.

As much as it pains to have made this decision, sometimes, leaving is all that we have. Authint Mail was an idea, and ideas never die. They transform or become something bigger, in magnitude or reach. Same happened to Authint Mail, it eventually outgrew itself and became stagnant with in it's own ideology. Somewhere we lost it, we couldn't justify carrying it on anymore.

Many people have put their weight behind AM, some to the point of pushing it to the max, but somehow, it always felt not enough. We did what we could do best, all along, to write truth with utter honesty, and we were damn good at it. Readers praised us, and some even reported us. Somehow, in the cut throat competitive world of journalism, we were left behind. Many times we tried to jump start and run as fast as we could, but eventually the gas ran out. We don't blame anyone for our mistakes, or misguided attempts, but ourselves. If we had planned ahead of us, we wouldn't be pulling the curtains down today on something which we built for last three years.

Authint Mail, had a simple idea, present useful and honest information to readers, we never wanted to take sides or present any biased opinions, and to a very large extent we succeeded in that idea, and we are proud of that. However, what we really wanted to do, we could somehow never achieve, as AM never fulfilled it's real potential. AM was started to highlight the story of common people, and to only focus on them. We never were interested in political melodramas or political mishaps. It just crept in like the flood waters of 2014.

So what next? Well, now that we are a bunch of experienced youthful optimists, we hope we can do something better, with better planning and reach. Authint Mail taught us many things, some which we will carry forward with us, some which we will never repeat.

We take this opportunity to thank everyone who walked with us in this journey and made it a journey worth taking. To every reader out there, as sad as it is to know AM is closing for you, it is for us too. But, we will be back, you just have to be patient. Something new, exciting and better is on it's way, because every end is a new beginning.

Till then folks, thank you and goodbye.

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